Trial Package – 2 Main Meals Per Day For 2 Days – £15


4 meals for 2 days for £15

Special offer to try the very best meal prep service in the UK ,

This exclusive special offer ends on 30th November 2019


Select between meat ,fish  and vegan meals

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Turkey Kofta with Spiced Bulgur / Calories: 472 Fat: 15.9g Carb: 42.2g Protein: 45.6g

Chicken Stir Fry with Egg Noodles / Calories: 480 Fat: 9.0g Carb: 64.4g Protein: 39.2g

Sriracha Chicken with Brown rice / Calories: 404 Fat: 4.1g Carb: 45.3g Protein: 49.1g

Beef Stir Fry with Egg Noodles / Calories:490 Fat: 13.7g Carb: 50.8g Protein: 44.3g

Piri Piri Chicken with Brown Rice / Calories: 404 Fat: 4.1g Carb: 45.3g Protein: 49.1g

Grilled chicken marinated in spiced Thai sauce, served with white rice / Calories:460 Fat: 11.3g Carb: 59g Protein: 34.3g

Lemon & Herb Chicken with Sweet potato wedges / Calories: 420 Fat: 3.9 Carb: 45g Protein:49g

Chicken wrap in tortilla wrap / Calories:603 Fat: 21g Carb: 72g Protein: 45.9g

Satay Chicken with with Brown rice / Calories: 414 Fat: 8.6g Carb: 45.3g Protein: 50.2g

Chicken pesto pasta with red pesto / Calories: 481 Fat:13.2g Carb: 45.2g Protein: 48.4g

Beetroot Burger served with sweet potato wedges / Calories: 307 Fat: 5.8g Carb: 60g Protein: 5.9g

Sweet Potato Falafel Wrap with low fat hummus / Calories :387 Fat: 17.5g Carb: 49.1g Protein: 12.3g

Chilli Soy Bolognese with Brown Rice / Calories: 470 Fat: 9.3g Carb: 55g Protein: 17.5g


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