Results you crave! convenience you desire!

We offer a wide selection of meals and multiple plans that can help you reach your goals.
Our meals are prepared by professional chefs and delivered directly to your home or workplace.
We only use the finest ingredients to ensure a well-balanced, healthy meal without sacrificing taste.

How It Works


Our online macro calculator can help you determine what plan is best for you, taking the the guess work out of diet plan.


Tell us about yourself, any allergies and any ingredients you want us to exclude from your prepped meals, amount of meals required weekly or Monthly.


We engage with prospective clients within 24 hours of receiving your order to ensure that our services are appropriate to your needs.


Your meals are delivered fresh 3 times per week to ensure optimum freshness.


Your own dedicated account manager monitors your progress weekly, ensuring your fitness goal is always on track, when necessary we may make reasonable adjustments to your meal & fitness plans.

We operate a strict no-fry, no refine sugar & salt policy!

We also offer bespoke meal plans.

We offer a wide variety of meals, including; Plant-based, pescatarians, gluten free, dairy-free, keto diets…

Weight Loss

Portioned controlled meal plan designed to aid a sustainable weight loss goal. Meals on the weight loss plan typically contain between 300 -400 calories per meal.

* From £5 per meal

Muscle Gain

Our muscle gain meal plan will help you build muscle, while giving you all the nutrition and energy needed to train hard and achieve muscle mass gains. Meals contain 600-700 calories per meal.

*from £6.50 per meal


The wellness meal plan delivers the right balance of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats to maintain a balanced diet. Meals typically contain 400-500 calories.

*From £6 per meal


You can try our delicious meals for 2 days before you subscribe to our meal prep service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


We deliver to across all boroughs in London & Essex 3 times a week, unlike most other prep companies, we always deliver your meals fresh, never frozen.


Your meals are always kept cool whilst in transit. We use Sorba freeze icepack solution, which enables temperatures of -5°C to be maintained for up to 48 hours.


With our chilled packaging solution, you can always opt to have your packaged delivery left somewhere safe, so there’s no need to wait for your delivery, and we always deliver meals a day in advance. i.e.; delivery on a Monday will contain meals for Tuesday & Wednesday only.



You can try our delicious meals for 2 days before you subscribe to our meal prep service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Meal Prep Menus

We change our menus weekly, so you will never get bored of having the same foods over & over again. It is important you tell us of any ingredients or food allergies you’d like us to exclude from your meal prep such that we can adapt our recipes where possible.

Bespoke Meal Prep

For those looking for specific meals, we offer fully personalised diet plans with macro precision. Your diet will encompass every meal so there is no guess work involved.